when in Rome

Among the most bad ass things I’ve done in my life is this inadvertent trip to Rome, Italy. With a light background in JiuJitsu and an extreme competitive side, it was easy to say yes to some friends of friends to try my hand in competitive wrestling, in Italy, with complete strangers who didn’t speak English and I speak VERY little Italian… I wish I could remember the exact ending scores, I only lost one round and I won at least 3 and went on to Milan and won both my tournaments. I never once was worried, anxious or anything but so in love with every thing around me in the beautiful city of ruins. On this trip I utilized my dabble of Spanish to argue with some women after they called me fat and drunk for ordering so much DELISH food and wine for one. If only they understood me when I told them I had just finished beating some other women’s asses and I was more than ready to do it again but I was too drunk on wine and carbs to recall how to speak it in Spanish.

I have met so many unique people in my life and half of them I don’t even know their names . These chicks were so bad ass and were stoked to shoot with me after our tournament.

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