my husband judges me for my cheese choices

well not all of them, we eat all the cheeses in our home, the stinkier, more foreign, the better to us but when it comes to the proper cheese pairing for a cheesesteak, we greatly differ. While I like a melty, velveeta-y, faux af queso, Cheez Whiz heavily layered into my cheesesteak, my husband finds anything but a cheddar and american cheese combo, appalling. Most of our conversations are about food and we are always cooking up something yummy. I’m known to sneak any healthy addition into a meal for my unsuspecting husband and son so the fact that I love certain UNhealthy things is a joke in our house. My husband has been joking for years that I would taste a sip of a stranger’s drink with out missing a beat but heaven forbid we bring anything but organic, fresh off the teat milk into our home .

Homemade Cheesesteaks are a healthier option and SO YUM, no matter what your cheese choice is, so look up a recipe and make them for yourself and let me know what type of person you are , a hypocritical cheese whiz lover like me or a stable saint of a person like my husband who can sniff the smells of any fauxcheese from a mile away.

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