Updating your portfolio should always be fun and always be unique; it is the FACE of your business after all.  The #uglylocationchallenge emerged circa 2017 when a random photographer’s images from Lowe’s and Hobby Lobby went viral and photographers from all over the world raced to flatter (imitate) her.  I followed this trend like any good photographer should as it was such awesome practice for shooting in low lighting/crap lighting.

Below are images from a portfolio shoot for model Briana DeShields at Lowe’s Home                                                          Improvement in Orlando, FL.

briana @ lowes
brianna at lowes (28)
brianna at lowes (118)
brianna at lowes (137)
brianna at lowes (186)

I always recommend wearing layers or a long jacket over your outfit.  Avoid wearing patterns and clothes with writing or big logos on them as they typically clash with the busy backdrops we will find throughout our jaunt through the store.  DO wear chunky jewelry, high heels and unique dresses, rompers and such.  The classic cut off shorts with a simple tee shirt and white sneakers is always an option and never goes out of style.

Despite popular opinion, the employees in the stores that I have shot in for the #uglylocationchallenge were ecstatic to see what we were up to and thought the concept was cool.  Many hater photographers have expressed their concerns of being sued etc but I have not run in to any problems, yet.

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